Issues And Positions

The electric utility industry is facing an era of greater turmoil and bigger stakes than it has at any other time since Thomas Edison energized his first light bulb. Issues are varied and complex. Their implications stretch far beyond the simple generation of electricity for use by America’s consumers.

Issues facing the industry today are societal in scope and include the environment, national security, interstate commerce, and the financial well-being of the country, to name but a few. Decisions made today will follow us for decades and their financial impacts are significant. Today’s electric utility investments often are in the billions of dollars. Regulations and legislation impacting the electric utility industry must be well crafted and comprehensive, without unintended consequences.

This portion of provides information on a host of key industry issues, intended to help policymakers as well as consumers make informed decisions. The issues and views contained in this section are collected from a variety of resources already in the public domain.