An electric utility’s business is to produce electricity and deliver it over high-voltage power lines to lower-voltage lines that transport it to its customers. All electric utilities have a responsibility to deliver electricity to homes and businesses safely, reliably and cost effectively. While the distribution system is complex and aging, it is vital to the economy and to our quality of life.

Demand for electricity is growing despite energy efficiency programs, largely due to population growth and the rising number of electronic appliances, industrial equipment and other devices that people rely on for everything from entertainment to health care. Although the pace of growth has slowed due to the recession, electric utilities must plan for these needs. As the demand for electricity increases, so does the expectation that the utility will deliver uninterrupted power wherever and whenever it is wanted. Significant investments in new equipment and processes are needed to meet that expectation.

AEP has begun to lay the foundation to transform our energy delivery system to lower emissions, improve efficiency and reliability, give customers more control over their usage and costs, and ensure energy security.