AEP Generation Resources

AEP Generation Resources Inc., AEP’s competitive generation company, was established in early 2014 after AEP separated its distribution and transmission operations in Ohio from its AEP Ohio-owned generation assets.

AEP Generation Resources owns more than 7,800 megawatts of generating capacity and includes the following assets (jointly owned units are indicated with the percent share owned by AEP Generation Resources):

  • Cardinal Plant Unit 1 – Brilliant, OH
  • Conesville Plant Unit 4 (44%), Units 5 & 6 – Conesville, OH
  • Darby Plant– Mt. Sterling, OH
  • Gavin Plant – Cheshire, OH
  • Lawrenceburg Plant (power purchase agreement) – Lawrenceburg, IN
  • Stuart Plant (26%) – Aberdeen, OH (operated by AES Corp./Dayton Power & Light)
  • Waterford Plant– Waterford, OH
  • Zimmer Plant (25%) – Moscow, OH (operated by Dynegy)
Gavin Plant, located in Cheshire, OH, is one of several Ohio generating assets that was transferred to AEP Generation Resources in January 2014.

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