Customer Billing

The Customer Billing department within AEP uses EDI to conduct business with commercial customers. For prospective customers who are interested in exchanging invoices and application advice with AEP, choose from the following sections:

Transaction Sets and Implementation Guides

Inbound 810 (version 4010) Invoice
Inbound 864 (version 4010) Text Message
Inbound 997 (version 4010) Functional Acknowledgement
Outbound 997 (version 4010) Functional Acknowledgement

Transmission Types and Times

AT & T Easylink VAN is used by the Customer Billing Group. The normal transmission times are:

Twice per hour, at the quarter hour and three quarter hour. (e.g. 10:15, 10:45)

ISA/GS Id’s and Qualifiers

Test ISA Identifiers: 08 / 006979868TSTMA
Test GS Identifier: 006979868MA

Production ISA Identifiers: 08 / 006979868MA
Production GS Identifier: 006979868MA

Trading Partner Questionnaire

Please complete the questionnaire and mail, email, or fax the completed form.

Planning for EDI

This document contains a roadmap for you to follow if you are in the process of implementing EDI invoicing.

Business Contact:

Carolyn Martin 614.716.1000