Accounts Payable Process

We offer resources and guidelines to help our suppliers with submitting invoices. These resources can help you and your organization:

  • Receive timely, accurate invoice payments
  • Improve communications with AEP
  • Reduce the need for you to process sales tax on AEP transactions

Available Resources

Our resources for suppliers include:

Payment Terms

Read about our standard payment terms.

Accelerated Payment Program

We offer this program to suppliers wishing to expedite invoice payments and better manage the timing of their payments. Program participation is subject to an approved status as defined by AEP.

Electronic Payments

Participation in electronic payments expedites the receipt of funds, eliminates lost/stolen checks, while also helping the environment.  Currently, over 88% of payments are made electronically.


Participating in eInvoicing expedites payment transactions while helping the environment.

Invoice Requirements

Our invoice requirements are both process and system driven for use with our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies. For your reference, we provide a sample invoice that would meet the needs of AEP’s Accounts Payable process as well as a sample purchase order.

Direct Pay Tax Information

Learn about our direct pay relationship with various tax agencies.


Get answers to frequently asked questions we receive.


Please e-mail our Accounts Payable Department or call 1-877-286-2729.

AEP Supply Chain

AEP Supply Chain

AEP buys more than 54 million feet of wire per year, enough to wrap almost halfway around the earth.

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