The Power of Partnerships

AEP Transmission explores and pursues projects and partnerships of all sizes throughout North America. By working toward a common cause, we can overcome many hurdles.

The U.S. transmission system is in the midst of its biggest building boom since the 1970s. AEP plans to invest at least $3.7 billion in the transmission grid between 2014 and 2018. This effort is driven by the need to increase reliability, replace aging infrastructure, improve security, relieve congestion and accommodate generation retirements and renewable power sources.

Building this new transmission infrastructure will ensure a reliable power supply for future economic growth, but it is not a job that any one organization can tackle alone. AEP routinely works with partners to efficiently and safely construct transmission projects that benefit communities in our traditional service areas and beyond.

Why Partner with AEP?

A century of expertise in building and operating transmission lines. Our interconnected power system got its start in 1911, when power plants in Marion and Muncie were connected by a 33,000-volt line across some 30 miles of Indiana farmland so they could support each other and improve reliability, and we built our first long distance (55 mile) high voltage (138 kilovolt) transmission line in 1917.

AEP operates more than 40,000 miles of transmission network, including 2,110 miles of 765-kV lines, more than any other system.

A long history of innovation in transmission, including the first application of carrier-current telephony to transmission lines for system dispatching (1920), the first large-scale use of helicopters in transmission line construction (1960) and the first Variable Frequency Transformer (VFT) in the United States (2007). See our entire list of innovations.

Experience with transmission systems in a wide range of climates and regions, from the cold and ice of the West Virginia mountains in winter to the marine climate and heat of a south Texas summer.

A long track record of successful partnerships, including the contributions of Electric Transmission Texas (ETT) in building the Competitive Renewable Energy Zone (CREZ) project in Texas. ETT, which is staffed by AEP employees, was responsible for over 400 miles of transmission line and supporting stations.

Our environmental, safety and health commitment is reflected in our philosophy: "No aspect of operations is more important than the health and safety of people. Our customers' needs are met in harmony with environmental protection."

Interested in partnering or finding out more? We'd love to talk.

Our current and recently completed joint ventures include:

Electric Transmission Texas, LLC — An AEP and Berkshire Hathaway Energy partnership focused on building transmission infrastructure in Texas. AEP provides planning, engineering, project management, financial accounting, right-of-way, construction, and operations services. ETT is involved in a number of projects related to the huge CREZ effort in Texas.

Grid Assurance — A collaborative effort of eight electric utilities and energy companies to provide improved responses to major events affecting the electric transmission grid by giving transmission-owning entities access to domestically warehoused long lead-time critical equipment.

Pioneer Transmission — AEP and Duke Energy are in the development phase to build and operate approximately 290 miles of 765-kV transmission lines and related facilities in Indiana.

RITELine Transmission — A partnership between AEP and Exelon Corporation is in the planning phase to build and operate high voltage transmission lines in Illinois and Indiana.

Prairie Wind Transmission — This new $170 million transmission line — built as a joint venture of AEP, Westar Energy and Berkshire Hathaway Energy— now delivers renewable energy from wind farms in Kansas to load centers in Kansas and Oklahoma.