Projects: Building the Grid of Tomorrow

Most of the equipment that makes up the electrical transmission system in the United States has been in service for 40 years or more, and that aging infrastructure requires restoring, refurbishing and rebuilding. At the same time, governmental regulations, low natural gas prices and renewable energy sources are changing the nation's generation mix and with it the transmission requirements to efficiently deliver power.

Ensuring customer reliability will require new investment. AEP Transmission is committed to safely building new infrastructure and upgrading its existing network, as well as to partnering with like-minded companies on transmission projects throughout North America that will help create the energy grid of tomorrow.

AEP looking at hefty transmission investments for shale gas customers

If forecasts by AEP Transmission Planning are close to the target, AEP may need to invest hundreds of millions in transmission facilities over the next five years to keep up with requests for service from natural gas and oil customers in AEP's eastern service territory where drillers and processors are expanding and intensifying their operations above the Utica and Marcellus shale deposits. Read more


As AEP's competitive transmission affiliate, Transource Energy pursues competitive, regulated transmission projects within and beyond AEP's service territory under FERC Order 1000. Combining rigorous project management with proven new concepts, Transource minimizes costs and maximizes benefits. Transource has utility status in the ERCOT, MISO, PJM and SPP regional transmission operator territories. Learn more about Transource and its projects.

Working Together to Build for Tomorrow

AEP Transmission regularly pools competencies and resources with similarly minded companies to tackle the challenges of electric transmission projects throughout North America and bring increased capacity and reliability to the grid. Find out more about partnering with AEP.

Did you know?

The site provides project information for landowners, communities and others. All major projects currently under development around the system are represented on the site.