Supplying Energy Nationwide

We are one of America's largest generators of electricity, with an enviable fleet of power plants. AEP owns or operates about 26,000 generating stations in the United States, with a capacity of approximately 26,000 megawatts.

While the size of our fleet of power plants is significant, it's the efficiency – and the resulting reliability and operational economies – that has earned AEP its reputation as a pioneering, innovative, dependable, low-cost producer of power.

We believe strongly in using a diverse fuel mix to generate electricity and we have diversified our generating portfolio to provide our customers with the clean energy solutions they are asking for. Today, coal-fueled power plants account for approximately 47 percent of AEP's generating capacity, while natural gas represents 28 percent and nuclear 7 percent. The remaining capacity comes from wind, hydro, pumped storage and other sources (14 percent) as well as energy efficiency (4 percent).