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Diversity & Inclusion

You bring distinct skills and insights to AEP based on all of your characteristics, talents and life experience.

Diversity Initiatives

Our diversity initiatives include education programs, diversity-related events and activities, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and more – all designed to attract and retain a diverse mix of employees. AEP's Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) provide a wide range of communities where you can connect with other employees who share your interest in a common aspect of diversity. Find your group(s), get involved and help us make a difference!

Get Involved

Diversity makes us stronger and, together, we manifest AEP’s values and goals.

Employee Resource Groups

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) support AEP’s goals by providing a way to exchange new ideas to build awareness, respect and inclusiveness in the workplace. They sponsor a variety of events that strengthen communication and make AEP a respected and desirable place to work.


  • Abled and Differently-Abled Allies Partnering Together (ADAPT)
  • Black Employee Resource Group (BERG)
  • Asian-American Employee Partnership (AAEP)
  • Hispanic Origin Latin American (HOLA) Employee Resource Group
  • Military Veteran Employee Resource Group (MVERG)
  • Native American Tribes Interacting, Observing & Networking (NATION)
  • Pride Partnership