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May 10, 2019

AEP Ohio Takes the Guesswork Out of Going Electric

When buying a car, there are countless variables to consider. Sedan or SUV? Front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive? And now, gasoline or electric? AEP Ohio is simplifying buying a new car with an online tool to help car buyers compare the total cost of owning and operating an electric vehicle (EV) with that of a traditional gasoline- or diesel-powered vehicle. compares current EV and internal combustion vehicles by showing users the current manufacturer suggested retail purchase price, cost to power each vehicle and any available rebates for the models selected.

“As more customers consider making the switch to an electric vehicle, AEP Ohio wanted to provide a tool that helps them understand the total cost of owning an EV compared to a vehicle with a traditional engine,” said Julie Volpe Walker, AEP Ohio energy efficiency program manager. “With the lower cost to operate, EVs often offer a lower cost of ownership over five years.”

Potential car buyers can personalize the annual fuel cost estimates by entering their commute information, annual miles driven and the gasoline and electric charging rates they pay. AEP Ohio’s average residential electricity rate is already factored in, but users who have an alternate electric supplier can customize their experience.

Beyond cost, allows users to see at a glance which EVs have battery capacity that can readily cover their daily commute and also provides a map of public EV charging stations in the nearby area.

The platform, powered by AEP Ohio partner Enervee, features the Enervee Score® for Cars on every model. The closer the Enervee Score® is to 100, the lower the fuel costs and pollutant emissions – and the better the choice when compared to all other cars of the same performance.

Research conducted by Enervee revealed 84% of consumers would buy an EV if they could see that it was cheaper to operate and no more expensive than a traditional gas or diesel vehicle. If you’re also considering leaving the gas pump behind, click here to compare your options.

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