At AEP, we’re redefining the future of energy and developing forward-thinking solutions that provide clean, reliable energy to power the communities we serve. Our goal? Produce and deliver energy that empowers positive social, environmental and economic change.

AEP Projected Generation Resource Additions


Wind: 4,450 megawatts, Solar: 3,865 megawatts, Natural Gas: 2,650 megawatts
Regulated and AEP Ohio Purchase Power Agreement

Next-Generation Sustainability

Highlights of our next-generation sustainability goals include:

  • Reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 60 percent by 2030 and 80 percent by 2050
  • Adding up to 8,315 megawatts of new, regulated renewable power by 2030
  • Continuing investments in a smarter, more efficient power grid

Intermediate Goals


reduction from 2000 CO2 emission levels by 2030

Long-Term Goals


reduction from 2000 CO2 emission levels by 2050

"The energy industry is in an era of transformation, moving rapidly toward a cleaner energy economy. American Electric Power is at the forefront of this transition to modernize the power grid, diversify our resources and deliver cost-effective, reliable electricity to customers and value to our shareholders. Our business strategy and resource planning have created a path forward that will result in the clean energy our customers want and, consequently, lower carbon dioxide emissions." Nick Akins, Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer

Corporate Accountability

Through our strategic initiatives, we’re committed to providing the energy our customers need while reducing our environmental footprint.

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Strategic Vision for a Clean Energy Future

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